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Executive Bonuses

  • Do you want to have your business make tax deductible contributions so you can provide retirement and life insurance benefits for yourself and/or key employees?.
  • Do you want to make contributions to a retirement plan above the limitations of qualified plans such as 401ks and IRAs for yourself and /or key employees?

Key Employees

  • ​Would the success of your business be affected by the loss of a key employee or employees?
  • Are you losing employees to competitors?
  • Would offering additional retirement income benefits help you retain, reward, and recruit key employees?

Business Succession

  • ​Is your business part of your retirement plan?
  • Have you started thinking about transitioning the ownership of your business?  If so, do you have a plan in place defining to whom and for how much?
  • If transferring to a key employee, does he or she have a plan to accumulate the liquidity for at least a down payment?

Buy/Sell Agreements

  • What would happen to your business if you or one of your partners were to die?
  • Do you want continuity and security for your family, employees and customers?
  • Do you want to be sure that the deceased's share doesn't pass to someone unsuitable?
  • Would you want your heirs to be forced to sell the business to generate cash or be left with an asset they have no interest or experience in managing?
  • Do you want an arrangement that may offer capital gains tax and estate tax advantages?