Silver Summit Financial was founded and is managed by Douglas and Nancy Gahn, a husband and wife team, who specialize in financial and retirement planning.  Our unique strategies teach clients more efficient, less risky, ways to accumulate and distribute wealth.  Our plans always take into consideration the three biggest risks in retirement; market volatility, taxes and longevity.  We educate our clients on how to move from their current tax bracket into a much lower, possibly zero, tax bracket in retirement.

Silver Summit Financial

Nancy Gahn.

For over 30 years, Douglas Gahn was in healthcare, as owner and manager of his own practice.  During that time he was dealing with financial and retirement planning issues for himself and his family, and was finally fortunate enough to meet someone who shared financial advice that was more complete at addressing his personal concerns, both present and future.  He studied these unique strategies for several years and is happy to share them with his own clients.  He has never forgotten the motto from his healthcare years, "First do no harm."

Before becoming a financial advisor, Nancy Gahn was a teacher with both elementary and mathematics credentials.  She began her financial advising career in 2011 in the College Funding area,  Now she enjoys teaching her clients how to be more efficient with their money so that when they make major life purchases such as paying for college, buying a home, etc. they can have their retirement accounts continue to keep growing at the same time.

Douglas Gahn.

"We help you reach your financial summit!"


Founded: 2014

Owners: Douglas Gahn and Nancy Gahn


Areas of expertise: 
Financial and Retirement Advising, and Wealth Accumulation and Transfer Management

​Contact Information:; 714 454-7719; 714 915-7699